Camp Engies

VIRTUAL – Ontario, Canada
Camp Engies
Type: Virtual Camp
Gender: Girls
Ages: 10 - 14
Contact Name: Camp Engies

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Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Dance, Fitness, Singing, STEM

Camp Engies is going VIRTUAL on August 22nd and 23rd!
Despite ongoing efforts to get women interested in engineering, studies show that women make up only ~21% of the Canadian and Ontarian, engineering workforce; this figure has remained constant over the past decade. As a woman in engineering, I’ve felt this imbalance directly – from judging the Ontario Engineering Competition to the workforce. However, throughout my education and career, I was fortunate to have been involved in a variety of women-in-engineering events. What I’ve learned from these events is that meeting fellow women engineers who can share experiences, give advice, and serve as role models matters—it is empowering.

Although there a variety of amazing women-in-engineering programs currently exist, Camp Engies aims to encourage girls to consider engineering at an early stage within a different atmosphere. We believe that by targeting girls in grades 5 through 8, and instilling in them a sense of interest, confidence and pride, we will disprove the idea that math and science are difficult and boring before it ever takes root. Through fun and engaging activities run by Ontarian women engineers, we will introduce them to the wonderful world of engineering!

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